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Nice to meet you, thank you for visiting our website.

Introducing something better for your body.

I’m Shozo Watanabe, Representative of SGS ASSISTANCE.

I think supplements are working to bring something useful to our body into the body,

to make up for what is missing,

to improve our suffering and problematic physical condition.



Have you ever crossed your head?

Is this supplement all useful for me?

Is it absorbed into my body?

Expect such an effect ?


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Like an episode, he spent 15,000 yen a month for several years,

and he was in good shape, but now he’s sick.

So why did that happen?

It is because he no longer fits his body situation at that time.

It was not enough to understand and consider his underlying physical condition.

The supplement he came across this year has no effect or utility.

Because the answer is in you.

Big data and AI will give you the best answer

just by presenting your current physical problems.

AI uses biometric data (big data) collected from 195 countries over several years,

data obtained by measuring your living condition,

and DNA information that you have owned since you were born.

Analyze and formulate and provide your own supplement.

This is a great thing to offer while using all of this service.

Services and supplements cost $ 100 a month,

but the added value is huge given the potential.

There are still many benefits to this service.

With this service, it will be a service that you

and other important people will want to receive.

Now, why don’t you register and start this service?

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