To you with frustration

I know you’re busy,

Take a minute and

Please read this letter …

You will never regret it.

And that’s a straightforward fact.

Her name is Azusa Reika (pseudonym) 40 years old

She has a home

One child, eldest daughter

Given that, she lived happily.


One day, 10 years have passed since I got married

She suffers a tragedy.

From a slight difference in opinion

During a couple quarrel,

From her husband

“Divorce when you reach 60 kg”

She said something like this.

What a cold person.

She was in shock.

She used to live calmly ….

She was originally 38kg.150cm.

She’s also petite, but she’s out,

She was constricted where she was constricted.

She was a so-called sexy woman.

But, but

After getting married and getting pregnant, her weight

Gradually increase

Her body shape has also begun to change.

It weighs 58 kg and is 150 cm tall.

As a body.

After she changed her body shape and weight

She begins to challenge various things.

She usually eats first

One of the three meals is

We will start a service to eat supplementary food.

At first, I continued to say it was delicious,
The funds to continue the service did not continue,
Give up

She didn’t give up. She seeks out the next service.
This time she dances while watching the DVD,
I started exercising to burn her body.
What’s more, she was exercising in a sauna suit.

Her body shape didn’t make a slight movement.
She was so stressed that she couldn’t return to her old shape
She gradually stopped eating.
She eats one meal a day, often eats two meals.
As she eats less, she becomes more tired and often lays on the floor.

She can’t give up
Trying to contract her muscles and tighten her body
Purchase ◯◯◯◯◯◯◯◯◯.
Wrap around her belly and contract her muscles
Start exercising with a regular course.
About two months later
The part of the abdomen that the sticky pad hits
Causes dermatitis
While applying the ointment
I tried to continue, but
It hurts and gives up.

After trying to return to the original weight and body shape
Five years have passed.
Her body shape hasn’t changed yet.

One day she was giving up
She encounters a supplement.
Her husband tells me to take one packet daily without fail.
She was also told to eat three meals.
She was skeptical.
But the next way to do it is
She can’t find her
She continued to drink as she was told.

One month has passed, another two months have passed, another three months have passed, and four months have passed.
She finds it amazing.
One day to her husband
She said, “Somehow, your belly is thin !?”
Her weight is 45 kg.
She said she was happy to jump up.

This is her personal impression,
For the last 4 months
She tried other than supplements
I haven’t.

She said it was full of joy and surprise.

You too have such a mysterious experience
You may be able to do it.
Would you like to try it too?
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